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Program Management


At SNA, we help clients structure complex programs, assess the health of ongoing IT initiatives and align the PMO as a necessary enabling function in strategy execution.

With highly experienced professionals in the core team, we can help:--

  1. Optimize spending and manage risk in ongoing Programs
  2. Set-up PMO processes for repeat success
  3. Implement framework for optimization depending upon client’s immediate needs. 

 The unique proposition with SNA is that we not only help prioritize the needs based on the risk profile and profitability aspect of ongoing initiatives but also offer the whole umbrella of program management services as a seamlessly integrated part of IT strategy, governance and enterprise architecture services.

Our services in Program Management can be categorized as below

  • ·         Mentoring
  • ·         Implementation
  • ·         Managed/Outsourced

Mentoring Services

In this type of services, we access the PMO maturity of the client’s organization using their proprietary maturity models. SNA also does the risk/health assessment using their state of the art risk management techniques. SNA identifies the areas of improvement and make suggestions on the implementation of those improvements.


In this type of services, SNA executes the PMO (Program Management office). This engagement is usually followed by mentoring services. The implementation starts by setting up the PMO if it does not exist in the client’s organization or restructure the PMO if it already exists by understanding the current environment of the client’s organization. SNA defines the PMO processes and executes those processes. SNA clearly articulated the ROI of implementation of PMO by demonstrating the success of the number of projects executed.


With the experience that SNA Technologies possess, many clients outsourced PMO partially or fully to SNA. The services provided by SNA in this category include staff augmentation to full-fledged implementation of PMO at the client’s organization.                                                                                         

After complex analysis through our toolkits and workshops, we present reports in easy to comprehend terms.

The clear benefits to the clients are:--

  1. They can define success & profitability
  2. Achieve success in the ongoing initiatives
  3. Replicate success in future initiatives
  4. Optimize resources & improve productivity