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Enterprise Architecture


SNA Technologies Inc provides Enterprise Architecture services worldwide. SNA provides end-to-end Enterprise Architecture solutions, right from Strategy/Planning, mentoring, training to the implementation. Our services in Enterprise Architecture can be categorized as below
  • ·         Mentoring
  • ·         Implementation
  • ·         Managed/Outsourced
Mentoring Services
In this type of services, we access the Enterprise Architecture maturity of the client’s organization using our proprietary Enterprise Architecture maturity models. SNA helps the client organizations to create a long term vision and tactical projects to accomplish that vision. SNA helped several clients to create a future state architecture without spending too much time in developing current state architecture and also helped to create a roadmap from their current state to future state.  SNA shows the value from Day 1 without wasting time and money of the client organization.
In this type of services, SNA executes the Enterprise Architecture at the client organization with full or partial responsibility. This engagement is usually followed by mentoring services. The implementation starts by setting up the Enterprise Architecture program if it does not exist at the client’s organization or restructure the existing Enterprise Architecture program if it already exists by understanding the current environment of the client’s organization. SNA defines the Enterprise Architecture end-to-end and executes the whole program. SNA clearly articulated the ROI of implementation of Enterprise Architecture by demonstrating the value not only in the long run but also articulating short term pay-offs.
With the experience that SNA Technologies possess, many clients outsourced the Enterprise Architecture program partially or fully to SNA. The services provided by SNA in this category include staff augmentation to full-fledged implementation of Enterprise Architecture at the client’s organization. With the most experienced SNA’s Enterprise Architecture consultants, the client organizations were able to reap the benefits in a very short term.
Why choose SNA?
SNA’s wide range of expertise and highly experienced consultants make it unique. SNA provides a wide range of services and its competencies include
  • ·         Business Transformation
  • ·         Innovation Strategy
  • ·         Re-engineering
  • ·         Simplification of complexities in business and technology
  • ·         Business process optimization
  • ·         Cost efficiency
  • ·         Systems  Integration
  • ·         Governance